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Where’s the Wow

Councillors are now questioning whether the wow factor will be missing for the South Seafront Development

 Local newspaper  “Felixstowe Star” headlines read “Where’s the wow”  

This Contains a timeline of the disaster that the Councillors have caused and presided over through the years.

The loss of revenue. to council tax payers with the compulsory removal of the beach huts etc.

Andy Smith, chairman of the plans committee, is reported as saying  the intention had been to allow enough homes to fund the play facilities and everyone was expecting attractions with a “wow factor”.

“There is considerable concern among Felixstowe councillors that we cannot find out any of the detail of what is being proposed and a suspicion that it is not going to be anywhere near as exciting or anywhere near as good as an attraction for the resort as we had hoped and discussed.”

A warning  was given to councillors  that the wow factor of the scheme should be described as woe rather than wow by Michael Ninnmey in 2009 who was a Liberal Democrat councillor and  this was published on this website,   Click here or See Below

The scheme which was rejected at every public meeting, and the Heritage Chiefs but was insisted upon by councillors, it will according to the article, net the builder £31.7m with homes for sale at £245,000 and £249,000

Featured play facilities such as dancing water jets and a climb-on galleon estimated would cost £2m

Now this appears to have been reduced to £1.2m.

Where’s the wow?  The Council Strap Line “ where the quality of life counts “has a very hollow ring to it for residents and visitors alike, to the Felixstowe South Seafront.

Instead of attraction, the townhouse type buildings are more likely to repel prospective holiday makers and visitors alike.

Felixstowe Star Newspaper Headlines record that even councillors are now asking questions regarding the Felixstowe South Seafront Development.

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