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How is it possible for a council to issue leaflets  extolling the virtues of  Preserving Felixstowe’s Victorian & Edwardian Houses and then come up with a scheme to build Town houses   on a flood plain on the south seafront land, at Felixstowe ?

The land in question was according to the Area Plan was to be for Recreation and Leisure with minor building to pay for the leisure facilities.!

How can land valued at £12M be given away for £2M.?

How can land, once alive with activity for residents and  visitors alike be reduced to a status of being described by those causing it as “derelict”?

How can land, be described as at risk the day after planning permission is given to build houses?

How can so many features contrary to the area plan  be ignored by planners?

How in an age of freedom of information  and transparent government can these anomalies take place?


Council Leaflet Joke ?

Houses to be Built Directly in Front

of this Victorian Terrace

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