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These pictures show the nature of South Seafront Land with a very thin show of top soil and little sand and then shingle

Archaeological Martello Dig

Results of the archaeological dig on the Felixstowe South Seafront  site are eagerly awaited. Onlookers did not observe any very exciting finds as a JCB dug various trenches as the area was mapped out.

The JCB revealed the folly of anyone  foolish enough to buy  a house built on a very thin top soil a little sand and then shingle.

Residents already of course knew this  but it was interesting to see what a good job the builders made of the Martello Tower with solid foundations that have lasted the test of time.

It would appear that the new houses will be build on earth banks contrary to the Area Plan because of the flood risk being on a flood plain.

Suffolk Preservation Society have objected to the development to the harm caused in the setting of the listed and scheduled Martello Tower

Archaeological Martello Dig Video

Archaeological Martello Dig

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